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Pet Puppy & Kitten Care Veterinary Service in Catskill, NY

Congratulations on adding a new puppy or kitten to your family! We can answer any questions about grooming, parasite prevention, immunizations, feeding, training, and general health to keep your new family member happy and healthy.


Pet Puppy & Kitten Care

We at Catskill Animal Hospital work hard to provide you with all the education you need to help you give your new pet the best care possible.

When bringing your new puppy or kitten into Catskill Animal Hospital, a thorough physical checkup will be performed to check for illnesses or developmental problems. We will do a fecal flotation to check for intestinal parasites, which commonly afflict puppies and kittens. Our veterinarian will also create a treatment plan for your pet’s vaccinations and a program for treating and preventing parasites. We aim to help you start your new pet off on the right healthy path to lead a long, happy life.