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Pet General Wellness Veterinary Service in Catskill, NY

Regular checkups, a vaccination schedule, and parasite prevention are all essential aspects of keeping your pet healthy.

General Wellness

Pet General Wellness

Catskill Animal Hospital offers general wellness visits for all of our patients. We find that these physical examinations are essential to maintaining their health and well-being. During the wellness visits, our veterinarians will provide complete physical exams, checking your pet’s eyes, ears, heart, lungs, teeth, and gums while looking for any signs of potential issues that could become significant issues. Regular physical examinations can help prevent many pet health issues, so we advise that your pet has at least one visit with our professionals each year, possibly more if they are older or have medical problems.

Preventative Medicine

While physical examinations are essential to your pet’s overall health, you can contribute by taking measures at home to maintain their health. This includes preventative care, dental care, proper exercise, healthy eating, and more. At Catskill Animal Hospital, we believe treating illnesses is considerably more complex than preventing them. Breed, age, lifestyle, health, food, reproductive status, and even the preferences of the pet parents are factors that we consider when creating a preventative treatment plan. Each pet will receive a personalized approach to best meet their preventative care needs because we don’t think veterinary medicine is a “one size fits all” field.